At Your Next Visit

Dr. Ament will review with you the status of your neurological symptoms in detail, such as headache, neck pain, arm, and leg symptoms—anything that you and he discussed at the last visit. If there are new issues, please be sure to tell him. He will want to know if your symptoms are improving and what issues may still be troubling you. By taking a few moments to think these things through ahead of time, you’ll be able to get the most benefit from your upcoming visit.

  • Medications

    • Did you take the medications that were recommended? Are you still taking them?
    • Did you start any new medications prescribed by other doctors?  (It is OK to do this just need to be up to date with your plan.)
    • Did you stop any old medications?
    • Any new allergies?
  • Testing

    • Did you have any X-rays, CTs, MRIs or other imaging performed since your last visit?
    • Did you have any lab tests done since your last visit?
  • Provider visits

    • What other providers have you seen since the last visit to us?  Examples:  PT, Chiropractic, Primary Care, Massage, Acupuncture, Pain doctor (for injections), Dentist, Ophthalmologist (Eye doctor), Other Specialists?
    • Have you been to the ER or Urgent Care?
    • Do you have any newly diagnosed medical conditions?

Things to Bring to Your Next Visit

  • Diary

    If you have been keeping a diary of symptoms, daily activities, progress in your recovery, and use of medications, please bring that diary with you.

  • Visits with Other Healthcare Providers

    If you have any information regarding visits with other healthcare providers, imaging studies, sleep studies or laboratory tests, please bring them with you.

  • Medications

    Please bring the best information you can regarding any medications, supplements, over the counter treatments that you have been taking. Bringing your prescription medication containers can be very helpful, as we need to know not only the name of the medications, but also the dosage and frequency associated with them.

  • A Friend or Family Member

    It can be a good idea to invite a family member, loved one, or caretaker to join you for your visit with us. Their perspective and information about your recovery can often be very valuable. They may also be able to help you remember our recommendations regarding your course of recovery.

  • Allergies

    If you have any known allergies, please be prepared to let us know about any drugs or other substances that cause reactions for you. If you suspect you may be having a reaction to any medications prescribed by CCN or any other healthcare provider, please contact us immediately at 303.834.5677.